Racing Against Depression & Anxiety

Racing Against Depression & Anxiety (1) – (2017)

I’ve decided to combine the Mental Health related blog posts i’ve done over the last year or so into one big post. So hopefully all the points i’ve made can be found in one post in a hope that people can find something they might be able to relate too.

So this is a totally different post to what I normally share on my site, as many of you know this site is used for racing tips, views, selections etc…. however throughout the year the site has gained more and more popularity and it’s been getting more visits than ever so I thought why the numbers are good it’d be a great opportunity to share a post that’ll potentially help people with a topic that i’m very passionate and vocal about.

I’ve often been vocal through social media on the topics of Anxiety and Depression and how opening up via many different methods about your specific problems can help massively. So i’m using this to share a bit of my story to hopefully encourage more people to open up and not suffer in silence.

I’ve suffered with anxiety for the majority of my 23 years on this planet and the majority of my close friends are aware of it as it used to affect me quite visibly in my social life when I was younger and on numerous occasions I stopped doing the things I enjoyed and just wanted to stay at home. I found a way though to make it more bearable for myself though back then by deploying a tactic of letting it take over and not trying to fight it.

I did find myself in a position at the beginning of the year (2017) where a few personal issues were perhaps getting the better of me, and I was creeping closer to wanting to just stay home and not do anything and let it get the better of me. But, at the end of January that year I started to go racing again and blog again about it all. I got great feedback when I returned to writing and I received a lot of messages asking why I hadn’t done a post in a while and it’s good that I was back doing it as it’s enjoyable to read.

Since then I’ve tried not too looked back and I now find myself writing for a few big websites as well as on here. I still deal with anxiety on a daily basis and I probably will always have too, but I guess the aim of what i’m getting at here is keep on doing what you love doing, speak to those closest to you about the issues as it makes it a much less difficult battle to fight.

I’m always available for anyone suffering with anything along the lines of what i’ve been on about. So please don’t hesitate in trying to get in contact with my via any form of outlet.

Racing Against Depression & Anxiety (2) – (2018)

Following the tragic death of trainer Richard Woollacott last week I’ve felt now is the right time to do my next Mental Health Awareness post.

Richard was an infectiously passionate man and looked to be on top of the world following the win of his horse Beer Goggles at Newbury the other month. Unbeknownst to everyone though Richard was another desperately sad example of a person who’s battling demons day in day out and putting on a brave face to those closest to him.

There’s still a real big issue at hand here and that’s ignorance. Many people still refuse to accept the severity of Mental Health issues which consequently leads too people who are suffering being less inclined to speak up and seek help.

Another big issue at hand I feel which is effecting young people more than ever is the influence being put on them by what they see plastered all over Social Media. Social Media can be used for very positive things, such as posts like these however there is a real dark element too it in my opinion.

Reality TV stars are a big factor, or whatever they are called. I’ve read stories of young girls starving themselves and even go the extremities such as trying to change themselves surgically so they can look like these so called stars.

There’s so many problems with this technology day and age we live in that is affecting a mass of young people and people just want to turn a blind eye to it. As I pointed out previously more and more young people now are overwhelmed with an expectancy to become something they are not which results in real mental strain.

As many of you saw in my previous Mental Health related posts I myself deal with anxiety and depression on a regular basis and have found ways to cope with it as best I can. If you’re a person that hasn’t yet found your coping mechanism I urge you to try and get in contact with one of the many organisations out there just to speak to someone who will listen and you won’t have a fear of judgement.

I’m not a professional but my advice to anyone who finds themself in a bad situation like this is to just try and keep pro active. Try to keep doing what makes you happy and don’t lock yourself away as that’s when the demons take control. Try to talk to the ones closest to you as just a small conversation can do the world of good.

Things get better.


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Racing Against Depression & Anxiety