Mental Health Awareness.

Following the tragic death of trainer Richard Woollacott last week I’ve felt now is the right time to do my next Mental Health Awareness post.

Richard was an infectiously passionate man and looked to be on top of the world following the win of his horse Beer Goggles at Newbury the other month.

Unbeknownst to everyone though Richard was another desperately sad example of a person who’s battling demons day in day out and putting on a brave face to those closest to him.

There’s still a real big issue at hand here and that’s ignorance. Many people still refuse to accept the severity of Mental Health issues which consequently leads too people who are suffering being less inclined to speak up and seek help.

Another big issue at hand I feel which is effecting young people more than ever is the influence being put on them by these Reality TV stars, or whatever they are called. I’ve read stories of young girls starving themselves and even trying to get fat implants surgically put in their backside so they can look like these so called stars.

There’s so many problems with this technology day and age we live in that is affecting a mass of young people and people just want to turn a blind eye to it. As I pointed out previously more and more young people now are overwhelmed with an expectancy to become something they are not which results in real mental strain.

As many of you saw in my previous Mental Health related posts I myself deal with anxiety and depression on a regular basis and have found ways to cope with it as best I can. If you’re a person that hasn’t yet found your coping mechanism I urge you to try and get in contact with one of the many organisations out there just to speak to someone who will listen and you won’t have a fear of judgement.

I’m not a professional but my advice to anyone who finds themself in a bad situation like this is to just try and keep pro active. Try to keep doing what makes you happy and don’t lock yourself away as that’s when the demons take control. Try to talk to the ones closest to you as just a small conversation can do the world of good.

Things get better.