One Vision. 14 winners up.

Vision Des Flos makes it 14 winners for this year’s Winter/Spring Horses To Follow. (2018-2019). The 6 year old rallied strongly to win the Grade 2 National Spirit Hurdle this Sunday at Fontwell.

He’s been a frustrating one to follow this season if truth be told but hopefully this victory will be the catalyst for him to show his true ability on a more consistent basis.


(Winter/Spring Horses to Follow winners so far this season):

Silver Streak (3/1) (20/10/2018)
Santini (11/8) (01/12/2018)
Lostintranslation (3/1) (01/01/2019)
Posh Trish (11/8) (01/12/2018)
Posh Trish (1/4) (26/12/2018)
Post Trish (4/6) (30/12/2018)
We Have A Dream (1/4) (14/02/2019)
Thomas Darby (1/5) (19/01/2019)
Thomas Campbell (4/7) (26/11/2018)
Vision Des Flos (7/2) (24/02/2019)
Salsaretta (11/8) (26/12/2018)
On The Blind Side (7/4) (28/01/2019)
Mister Whitaker (3/1) (04/11/2018)
Bachasson (9/4) (31/12/2018)

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